Braving The Chill: Stay Motivated to Cycle Through Winter

Braving The Chill: Stay Motivated to Cycle Through Winter

July 04, 2023

In the winter, as the days get shorter and the temperature plummets, it's easy to be tempted to retire your bike until spring. However, with the right mindset and preparation, winter can be a great time for cycling.

Here's how to stay motivated to cycle regularly in the frosty months.

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define what you want to achieve by cycling in winter. It could be maintaining fitness, commuting, or even embracing a new challenge. Having a clear goal will help keep you motivated when you’d rather stay in bed.
  2. Get The Right Kit: Invest in quality winter cycling kit. It’s essential to keep warm, but avoid wearing too many layers as you will heat up once you start pedalling. Focus on thermal and waterproof clothing, as well as lights for shorter days.
  3. Create a Schedule: Plan your rides and stick to a schedule. Whether you’re cycling daily or a few times a week, having a routine will make it easier to get on the saddle consistently.
  4. Join a Cycling Group: There is strength in numbers. Join a local cycling group or find a winter cycling buddy. When you know someone else is braving the cold with you, it’s harder to make excuses.
  5. Focus on Safety: Knowing how to cycle safely in winter will make you more confident. Learn how to manage slippery roads and ensure your bike is winter-ready. Remember to take it slow and give yourself extra time to reach your destination.
  6. Track Your Progress: Use apps or a journal to track your distance, speed, and other metrics. Celebrate small victories and share them with friends or on social media.
  7. Reward Yourself: Set up a rewards system. Maybe it’s a hot chocolate after a ride or a new piece of gear after a week of consistent cycling. Treat yourself for braving the cold.
  8. Indoor Alternatives: When the weather is too harsh, have an indoor plan. Indoor cycling classes or trainers can keep you in the saddle without braving the elements.
  9. Educate Yourself: Read blogs and books on winter cycling. The more you know, the more prepared and motivated you will feel.
  10. Reflect on the Benefits: Regularly remind yourself why you are doing this. Whether it's for health, environment, or personal achievement, focusing on the positive impact will keep you motivated.

Remember, the key to staying motivated to cycle through winter is preparation and mindset. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the unique beauty and serenity that winter cycling offers.

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