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RACE 2.0

RACE 2.0 is the custom cycling clothing range for all cyclists.
Our Race range has been the Standard for a number of years and with upgrades to fabrics and construction our Race 2.0 has set a whole new Standard in customised cycling kit for the enthusiast rider.


Sportivois Marcello Bergamo’s slim fit custom cycling clothing rangedesigned for the cyclist who cares about looks, performance andcomfort. Developed for the Avid cyclist, this is the perfect rangefor going hard on those big days in the saddle.


ProTour is Marcello Bergamo’s ultra slim competitive custom cycling clothing range designed for the cyclist who cares about looks, performance and comfort. Developed in conjunction with professional cyclists, this is the ultimate range for competition.


Hypertech Elite is Marcello Bergamo’s most technically advanced custom kit range and has been designed to embody the essence of our organisation. Developed for our 40th anniversary, Hypertech Elite is the result of years of designing, testing and manufacturing world class garments and combines the latest in Italian technical fabrics and manufacturing techniques.


We manufacture a vast array of high quality accessories and speciality products such as Socks, Arm, Knee and Leg Warmers, Gloves, Speedsuits, Skin suits and the list goes on.....

Affordable, stylish, and performance tested, Marcello Bergamo can supply high-end custom cycling apparel for riders of all levels. With a range of signature men’s and women’s collections, we use premium Italian and Swiss fabrics to create customised cycling clothing that is just as stylish as it is functional.

If your team, organisation, or weekend cycling group needs a fresh look, our in-house artisans can incorporate almost any design and help you to hit the road in style. With a variety of collections and styles to choose from, it’s time to let your imagination run wild!


Cycling Apparel Online Australia

Founded by a former professional cyclist, Marcello Bergamo has embodied the Italian cycling tradition for more than 50 years. Over this time, we’ve continually adapted to incorporate modern technology with timeless designs and styles.

Interested in our custom jerseys, bib-shorts,  jackets, or accessories? Head here to find out how our process works. Once you’ve approved the final design and size, you can then order your custom Marcello Bergamo cycling apparel online, and our Australia based team will ship it directly to your door.

Why Choose Marcello Bergamo for Custom Cycling Apparel in Melbourne?

If you’re after custom cycling apparel designed in Melbourne, you’re in great hands with Marcello Bergamo.

  • Decades of Experience: With over half a century in garment manufacturing, we are experts in producing high-quality cycling gear.
  • Value for Money: We always offer reasonably priced Swiss and Italian-made cycling gear.
  • Innovation: We continually evolve our range, incorporating the latest cycling garment technology for all seasons.
  • Personalised Experience: We offer custom kit options that allow you to tailor your gear to your needs and tastes.
  • Ethical Practices: We employ sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes, so when you buy from us, you support a business that cares about the planet.


Order Personalised Cycling Apparel Online - Designed in Melbourne

For nearly 50 years, Marcello Bergamo has specialised in the design and creation of high quality cycling apparel. This dedication to detail and craftsmanship remains as true as ever. As we craft your personalised cycling apparel, our designers always place a strong emphasis on functionality, comfort and design.

Available for an ultra competitive price, we produce hand-made Italian apparel to fit all body shapes and sizes. Whether you need custom clothing for a large group, a circle of friends, or a competitive meet, everyone is welcome! Make the switch to Marcello and we promise your future self (and the rest of the group) will thank you for it!


Frequently Asked Questions About Cycling Apparel in Melbourne

Q1: Where can I buy high-quality cycling apparel in Melbourne?

A: You can buy high-quality Italian-made cycling apparel in Melbourne from Marcello Bergamo. We offer a wide range of custom high-performance cycling apparel for men and women to cater to the Australian cycling community.


Q2: Does Marcello Bergamo offer online shopping options for cycling apparel in Melbourne?

A: Marcello Bergamo offers the finest cycling apparel online in Australia. You can browse our comprehensive collection and purchase through our custom items.


Q3: Can I get custom-made cycling apparel at Marcello Bergamo in Melbourne?

A: Absolutely! At Marcello Bergamo, you can custom-design your cycling kit according to your preferences. These kits are created to match your exact dimensions and style preferences.


Q4: What type of cycling accessories does Marcello Bergamo offer in Melbourne?

A: Marcello Bergamo offers an extensive range of cycling accessories in Melbourne. Our accessories include socks, arm and leg warmers, gloves, and other essential items for a perfect ride.


Q5: Why should I choose Marcello Bergamo for my cycling apparel in Melbourne?

A: Marcello Bergamo offers Italian-made, top-quality cycling apparel with over 50 years of garment manufacturing experience. We have sustainable production practices, a comfortable fit for enhanced performance, customised options, a wide product range, and unbeatable customer service and product support.

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