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We are incredibly proud of our heritage, after all, from humble beginnings as a Professional cyclist, Marcello and the team have created a successful business that has grown every year for over 40 years. We have produced millions of garments and we have remained at the forefront of technology in an increasingly complex technical environment but more importantly, we have tens of thousands of happy customers all over the world.

Over the past decade the number of competitors across the globe has exploded and over the last few years we have increasingly relied on the “Made in Italy” brand to differentiate our product from these competitors. But what does “Made in Italy” actually mean, to you, the consumer?

We have always assumed that our consumers understand what makes us unique and what “Made in Italy”stands for. Perhaps this is true for our customers in Italy but as we travel around the world talking to users of our products,we have come to realise that we need to re-communicate what is special about us and how that translates to better products for our consumers.

For us, Marcello Bergamo, this is what“Made in Italy” means.


Italians tend to stay with one employer for their entire working life. This means that our employees have a deep knowledge of the company, the systems, products, processes, procedures and the market-place. Making cycling apparel is not like producing widgets. Many variables can impact the quality of the finished product including factors such as temperature and humidity. Our staff have a deep understanding of all of these variables and what we have to do to ensure the best product, all the time.

Another example is colour, a critical aspect of great looking kit. Most people think it is a simple process to produce a particular colour but there are many variables that impact the final colour of the garment, so it is important that the designers and production staff have a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to produce the colour that our customers have selected.
The average period of employment for our staff is 15 years with the longest being 40 years.


Cycling is embedded in Italian culture. A huge percentage of the Italian population ride a bike, for commuting, for sport, for socialising and for fun. All Italians revere the legends of the sport (and there are many Italian legends) and everyone knows the current and past professionals from their village or region. It is also safe to say that Italians love fashion and beautiful clothing, so if you are going to wear something then it should be fashionable as well as functional.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer; well it means that everyone that works on your product has a passion for the product and a personal relationship with the outcome. They are making this product as though it was for themselves or their brother, sister, uncle aunty or the local pro. They care about the outcome because they care about cycling and cyclists and they have the deep expertise to make sure that the product is the best possible.

We make every garment as though it will be worn by our friend, neighbour, relative or the local professional.


We are a family business and we live cycling 24 x 7 x 365. A casual observer could say that we are obsessed about cycling and by normal standards that may be an apt description, but for us, cycling is our lives and our passion. Our business carries our founders name. Marcello was a successful professional cyclist for 10 years and started the business with his wife Fiorenza the moment he retired from professional cycling. Despite the fact that Marcello is over 70, he still rides most days and he comes into the office every day. He is a keen student of the technology of manufacturing and is still abreast of the latest innovations in equipment, materials and processes. And if you are looking for Fiorenza; just look for her in the sewing department.

So when we get together as a family for social occasions (which is often) the conversation always turns to cycling and the inevitable topic of how we can provide you – our customer – with the most technically advanced, best fitting and longest lasting products available on the market.

Passion for the business means our family lives, eats and breathes cycling and cycling apparel.


Cycling apparel is not just fashion; it is technical equipment that can make the difference between pleasure and pain and winning or losing. We are artisans in that we understand and practice the art of creating highly technical apparel. Our business is large enough to have the latest technologies and we are small enough to truly craft cycling apparel for our customers. Of course we create standard styles that we believe incorporate the best of everything but we realise that our customers have unique requirements and we accommodate them because we have the knowledge and expertise within our business to make it work. All of our fabrics are made in Italy or Switzerland and apart from a couple of small speciality items (which are also made in Italy) we manufacture every garment ourselves and in our own factory so we can control everything with experienced artisans and to our standards.

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