Building a sustainable business takes passion, skill and decades of sustained energy from a team that truly understand the vision of the founder, and the mission of the project. When it comes to building a strong company, the most important elements of a successful venture are persistence mixed with perspiration, thrown in with a little bit of luck.

In earlier years Marcello was well known as a professional cyclist for being a hard worker; for doing the hard yards, to excel at being the best possible athlete he could be. He capitalised on his strengths, followed when he needed to follow and led when he needed to lead. Marcello  never took short cuts, he took a holistic view to being a professional athlete and he always acted in ways that would ensure he had a long and sustainable career. In establishing his own business, he has used these same principles at the company’s core.

Today, Marcello Bergamo is a family owned enterprise, supplying superior cycling kit across the globe. We adhere to Marcello’s guiding beliefs in everything that we do; and as we prepare the company for the next 50 years, we have refined our values and embraced the future, guided by our Principles around PEOPLE and the PLANET.


Value | Selection | Comfort | Performance

We passionately believe in creating quality products for our entire cycling community and our team is at the heart of making this a reality. Our focus is to surpass our customers’ expectations and continue to create apparel that helps our customers perform at their best, while also providing comfort, value and selection. With nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience behind us, our team continues to evolve and to research and incorporate cutting edge technologies into our products, helping our customers enhance their advantage in all areas.


Sustainable | Ethical | Efficient | Global

Our factory is in the historical heart of the technical garment manufacturing hub in the north of Italy. Due to this ideal location, we have been able to adhere to the strictest standards and have access to the forefront of sustainability and ethical practices. We are now redoubling our efforts to ensure that we fully understand our entire supply chain and that all components are appointed by organisations that follow those same standards and principles.

Today, we only work with suppliers who are ISO and Oeko-Tex certified, to ensure we have complete confidence in the compliance of products that we purchase. Our high performance kit use Miti fabrics and Elastic Interface pads with both organisations certified as blue-sign, OEKO-TEX and ISO:1401.

In January 2021, for our finished product packaging, we moved to Green plastics which are made from ethically-sourced sugarcane instead of fossil fuels. There are a number of other benefits to this product such as reduction of CO₂ in the air, since sugarcane absorbs CO₂ as it grows. It is also 100% recyclable. 

In 2021 we also introduced Circular Design into our business to do our part to reduce the millions of tonnes of clothing that are sent to landfill each year. We have introduced the THINK AGAIN initiative and have disconnected our business from the fast fashion model by maintaining our colourways for 2 year cycles and evolving our colours so that you are always “in-fashion”.

As a result of manufacturing all our products in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we set and maintain our own high standards, vet our supply chain, plus provide a model to our suppliers of best ethical practices.

By purchasing Marcello Bergamo - you are purchasing superior quality and performance cycling kit, with peace of mind included.

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